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Daily Poem 7/6/12

Too little, too late

I’ve failed to seal my fate

I thought I could all along

How could I have been so wrong?

Strong in heart, strong in mind

My pride made me so blind

To the things that really mattered

Now I lie here, broken and battered

I close my eyes and start to pray

It’s so hard for me to say

I was wrong, help me Lord

I’ve spent far more them I can afford

I can do nothing good in this state,

I’m so little, so desolate.

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Daily Poem 7/1/12

It has become my greatest fear

This emptiness inside of me

My life is full to the brim

With peace and joy and love

With so many blessings,

How could this hole still gape?

It strikes my heart with guilt

The shame of selfishness

When I look in the mirror

At my proud countenance

The glass shatters in my mind

Outside, I am the very image of contentedness;

On the inside, my thoughts still in complete disarray.

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Daily Poem 6/27/12

Her song, his song, a word divine

It began as a seed of sweet friendship

A tender touch, a sentiment benign

Bloss’md into another kind of kinship

Rose petals rained the day that they married

Like a beautiful but ominous cloud

The petals scattered, never tarried

Their petty things became a bitter shroud

A tiny, lovely girl was born to them

She was a very special one, indeed

Annmarie’s smile reminded those two

Of the great joy they had come to forget

Now, their song, a word eternal

Washed over the trying flames eternal.

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Daily Poem 6/25/12

What is happening to me?

My eyes are bleeding, my soul is crying

I’m lying here, all alone with my screaming

The thorns of black roses digging into my skin

The agony swallowing me whole

On the other side of my mind

Your body is against mine, warm delight

And you whispered, please don’t go

I would watch you late at night

When you were just breathing and dreaming

I touched your cheek with my fingertips

And you would whimper in your sleep

I would smile at you then

I held you close in the half-darkness

Promising to never let you go

The fountain of my sincerity overflowed…

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Poetry Note

Currently I’m using up all my writing time for editing Part One of Eighteen and writing Part Two as well as Chapter 7 of Felicity

Also, my my birthday and several other personal events are happening next week.

Due to all this busy-busy stuff, daily poems are on hold but will return next Saturday, the 23rd.  Thank you to everyone who has liked and reblogged my poetry.  I appreciate your support!

To ALL my followers!



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